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“Create infinite possibilities, happiness and
fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams”

- Carrie Charles

Envision, Empower, Become...

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More balanced
More confident
More fulfilled
Break free of Limitations -
CREATE more, HAVE more
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The Power to Empower - transform what what CAN BE!
Release old patterns and create new life choices. Turn a Life Crisis - past or present - into a Life and for the future.
Awaken your heightened senses.
You have this ability, though you may not even know it exists. Discover, connect, heal, evolve, accomplish... and allow your heartfelt desires to take form. My Signature Quantum Life Force Programs will energize your inner strength to experience and visualize beyond your five senses, revealing a new life filled with purpose and authenticity.

“Decide what you want, know you deserve it and believe it is possible. Then go create it!”
- Carrie Charles
Be an unstoppable Force...and live Limitless
There is nothing to stop you from having the life you want and need. I will help you to experience what I have experienced - the Power to go beyond your limitations and realize your full potential.
Overcoming Challenges and Adversities
Divorce and Starting Over
Stress and Depression
Mid-Life Crisis
Life after Loss
Finding and keeping Love
Releasing Mental Blocks
Business Clarity and Focus
Finding your Balance in Life
Creating Abundance – Personal Wealth, Success and Financial Security
Envisioning Your Future

Carrie was a game changer for me and I owe my success to her standing behind me, pushing me through some of the hardest points in my life.

Amber Duncan - President, National Settlement Services

She takes Clark Kent
and turns him into Superman.

Randy White - Activist, Bishop, Author & Motivational Leader

I can honestly say that because of Carrie I feel bulletproof. She gave me the confidence to move mountains!

Polina Petrusevich, President, Ph7 Nutrition, Powerhouse Gym