Success Stories

Amber Duncan

I made my decision to hire Carrie based on the way I saw her carry herself through adversity and trials. I was always amazed at her outlook of life in its entirety. Carrie handled every area of her life with such grace and dignity. I wanted what she had.

Coaching with Carrie allowed me to see the root of my behaviors and correct the way that I viewed those things. She gave me the confidence to be unstoppable and a game plan to achieve everything I desired to accomplish. Whether it was juggling being a mother of five amazing children or running a multi-million dollar company, Carrie gave me the tools to balance everything. Meanwhile, Carrie helped teach me to create the space I needed to be the best I could possibly be in every role in my life.

Carrie was a game changer for me and I owe my success to her standing behind me, pushing me through some of the hardest points in my life.

Just when i thought I couldn't do it anymore, she reminded me I could and helped me achieve things I never thought possible in both my personal and professional life.

Amber Duncan, President, National Settlement Services

Randy White

She takes Clark Kent and turns him into Superman.

Randy White, Activist, Bishop, Author & Motivational Leader

JP Peterson

My career has allowed me the tremendous opportunity to work with some incredible Hall of Fame Coaches from Bobby Bowden to Don Shula. I enjoyed significant success early in my TV/Radio career then suddenly I hit a deep rut in my professional and personal life. The idea of working with a "Life" coach seemed a bit silly...until I met Carrie. Her charisma and uplifting personality is infectious. The adversity she has overcome in her own life gives her powerful credibility with a sincere message.

Like the great coaches, Carrie arms her players with cutting edge knowledge, prepares them with tools to succeed, then adds intense motivation to make her clients champions.

Personally, Carrie gave my career a huge re-charge. I landed a top 10 market Radio/TV gig with an NFL team. She re-focused my personal life to help me reach my spiritual, family and relationship goals that complete the total transformation! Bravo Carrie and my eternal thanks!

JP Peterson, NFL Radio/TV Broadcaster

Ashley Halley

I came to Carrie for assistance in advancing my career, setting realistic goals, and organizing time. During our months together, my sessions evolved into life coaching, psychoanalysis of past and present, and a greater understanding of who I really am. She 110% gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, gave me an outline on how to get there, and held me accountable each step of the way through contact, email, and text. I never felt alone, pushed, or overwhelmed.

Carrie’s approach is tough and tender. She is nurturing, gives you guidance, and then gets right to the point with truth and precision. Not too many people in my life have these qualities, in fact not many anywhere.

My business has had great success in one year. I have had consistency, growth, and the confidence to keep persevering. Whenever I need to call on Carrie, I know she is there. For whatever needs one may have in life or business, Carrie is the woman with the power and grace to get you there.

Ashley Halley, The Creator of MOVE Fitness Method

Victoria Auger

“I was floundering. I knew I had something to offer, something amazing, but I didn't know how to channel it into a business and a life I loved. Carrie was recommended by a friend. I had never considered a life coach because I could do it myself...whatever it was. Well, I was wrong. I "needed" something.

I walked into her office; I was embraced, heard, and I was finally propelled toward the path of my success. After our 3rd session, I knew she had broken through all boundaries and strongholds. I was beginning to see my future bloom. I thought, "Who is this woman and how does she get me?"

Carrie took me from dream to action- and from action to success. Carrie has the gift to see through who you think you are to who you really are! Carrie can move mountains. I am so grateful I made that decision to place my confidence in Carrie.

I am living the life that I thought was attainable. Thanks to Carrie, everything is possible! I am confident, motivated and productive. She taught me that I am amazing, and that everything will be OK".

Victoria Auger, Interior Design and Lifestyle Curator

Debbie Perez

Carrie is the most loving person on the planet! She gives unconditional love and understanding to everyone she meets. Coaching with Carrie is like none other. It’s comforting for to receive coaching from Carrie as if it were coming from my own parents whom love me more than anything but can dish out the tough stuff.

Carrie has helped me to get out of my own way and live a life by choice by not letting fears keep me playing small. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter and facilitate lasting transformation is a real gift! It’s crazy how she can relate to whatever it is we’re coaching about as if she were right there in my head with me.

I will forever be grateful for this beautiful, magnificent soul that give’s so much of herself to me and others for our own growth and development.

She is God’s gift to us all.

Debbie Perez, Founder of Tweak Your Space

Heidi Hapanowicz

With laser like accuracy Carrie will hone in on the fears and blocks that are preventing you from taking your business to the next level. She’ll help you cut through all of the crap in your head (the excuses, the mind chatter) and you’ll leave each session not only with more business clarity, but, with a step-by-step plan of action and the confidence to go out into the world and make it happen.

No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial journey, Carrie’s toolbox of strategies will help you stop thinking about your dream business and actually start creating it.

Throughout it all, one thing remains abundantly clear. Carrie, genuinely, truly wants everyone, not just her clients, but, everyone to be successful in life and business. Her heart is HUGE and her method WORKS."

Heidi Hapanowicz, Branding Photography

Hallie and Brian Althaver

Lucky and blessed am I for finding Carrie!! Flipping through a South Tampa magazine, I saw her ad. Her picture was so striking, how could I not stop and read more? Life Coach, I thought what exactly is that? Her short excerpt had me intrigued and sounded like someone I needed in my life. I actually referred a couple of my friends to her before I got the nerve to call her myself.

Between careers and in love with a man that NEVER wanted to marry again, I needed direction, and that's what Carrie helped me find.

Carrie worked with me and my boyfriend separately, and together. She helped me understand my reality and that making difficult decisions was the only way to get to my goal. She helped him overcome the obstacles he saw to marriage.

It's been a little over two years since our first meeting with Carrie, and we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!

Carrie has become a personal friend and invaluable resource for our overall health and well-being.

Hallie & Brian Althaver

Polina Petrusevich

Working with Carrie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She came into my life at the perfect time and I could not be more thankful.

Between being a workaholic and going though one of the hardest times in my personal life, for a moment, I thought that I was hitting a rock bottom.

I needed Carrie for support and there she was – attentive, caring, and understanding. She helped me to believe that no matter what that there is always a blessing in the storm!

The biggest difference between Carrie and most of the life coaches or therapists out there is that she doesn’t dwell on your past, but she takes you from where you are now to where you truly want and need to be. In a very short time we came up with a calculated game plan for my life that was designed specifically FOR ME!

Each session with Carrie was spent putting together the missing pieces to design my “perfect life plan”.

Carrie works very fast and her sessions are intense. There is no sugar-coating, but always-always tons of fun. She will never tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear.

At some point we even came up with a “2 Year Men and Marriage Game Plan”. Just thinking of it makes me want to smile and laugh out loud. Carries sessions are always a blast.

We would work on everything from personal growth to business building to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and character development.

I can honestly say that because of Carrie I feel bulletproof now. She gave me the confidence to move mountains!

Polina Petrusevich, President, Ph7 Nutrition, Powerhouse Gym

Bridget Morgan

Hiring a life coach was going to make me accountable. I was ready for change; nevertheless, I was hesitant. Knowing I had life changes to make, the fear of change was still big for me. Change would impact the relationships in my life, including family members that were not comfortable with change. Ultimately I just did it and hired Carrie! She even made me feel comfortable with the process of change.

I lost over 50 pounds with a juice cleanse and even juice on a regular basis now. Additionally, I launched my own team. I am no longer in the back seat to my life. I now have the tools and the confidence to do this on my own. Coaching with Carrie gave me accountability and knowledge.

The three biggest benefits I gained from working with Carrie were the health decisions, accountability and the tools she provides. She were also a huge support when my husband and I coached with her. She guided us down a path to being more successful with weight loss and health.

She helped teach me that I can be successful on my own, with my own team! I have appreciated that we could stay in touch even after the coaching term was done. Also, she were such a huge support talking to me in the middle of my divorce. Thank you Carrie!

Bridget Morgan, Associate Broker,

Todd O'Cull

“Working with Carrie as been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh and inspirational ways of evaluating what is really important in life. She has the innate ability to tap into my inner struggles and discern where I am and where I want to go from the static. This is often accomplished through Carrie sharing her own life experiences. It is an amazing gift she has that has been so effective at helping me prioritize my life. Carrie is the most positive, caring person I know. She is always accessible and can be counted on to fire off a quick blast of inspiration when you need it most. I am truly blessed to have Carrie in my life.”

Todd O'Cull, Risk Management Consultant / Broker

Debbie Petersen

I feel that Carrie has a magical ability to connect with her clients and their goals quickly and Point On!
Within an hour of meeting Carrie for the first time we tapped into a business idea I had buried within myself.
She pulled it out, dusted it off, and re-evaluated it’s potential.
We brought it to the forefront of my life.
We set visions and before I knew it, I was creating new business goals.
Thank you Carrie for your inspiration to go after my dreams!

Debbie Petersen, Entrepreneur

Sarai Caruso

I've known Carrie for over 15 years so when I had the opportunity to work with her I jumped in with no hesitation. Carrie is a fun, smart, caring person who is passionate to help others reach their full potential.

Working with Carrie put my goals in perspective and into action. It helped me focus on what I really wanted, set plans on how to achieve these goals, and how to not let my fear of failure interfere with my ultimate dream. I'm grateful to Carrie for encouraging me to realize the value within me and how to achieve my goals. I highly recommend hiring Carrie to assist in any area of your life.

Sarai Caruso, CEO, SJC investigative Group, Inc.

David Petrucelli

Working with Carrie has been enlightening and truthful. She knows how to simplify and make you take a hard look at yourself. For me it meant getting my life back on track. Prioritizing things properly was key. Thank you for working with me!

David Petrucelli, Entrepreneur / Business Owner

Mirjana Cvijic

I had no hesitation in hiring Carrie. Wanting to know who the fabulous person was that was helping my friends, I hired Carrie. Seeing my friend's success with Carrie, I was ready to receive advice and help. It was the best decision I ever made.

Coach Carrie helped me so much. Most importantly, she taught me how to deal with my mother's death by owning my life story. Working with Carrie has helped me with my dating life, being more confident, and working on my dream job!

Carrie is such a wonderful woman; her heart is so big and she was meant to do this. Carrie is so caring, she is an angel. What touched me the most is when I cry, Carrie cries with me.

Mirjana Cvijic Retail Management and Sales

Dr. Michael Oneal

"As a concierge physician, I have surrounded myself with an elite alliance of caregivers and practitioners nationwide. Ms. Carrie Charles has been integrated into the care plan for several of my patients. She routinely exceeds my (and the patient's) expectations for excellence in life coaching."

Dr. Michael O'Neal, Physician and Founder of Cooperative Med

Lynn Donaldson

I had no hesitations in hiring Carrie. She came highly recommended by Dr. Michael O’Neal. Carrie has a strong faith in God. I prayerfully handle all situations with my child and Carrie also does this with her children. Carrie was a life coach and not a doctor, which meant more to me as a mother.

My child has never been a people person, but deep down inside she wants to be loved by everyone. Carrie was able to show her things about herself that no one else she has seen was able to do. My daughter has a better relationship with her father, she will start a conversation with others, and she has love for herself. This makes me so happy that I could cry. Thank you Carrie!

Carrie is not a textbook coach. She is a real person with a real life, real family, work, and fears, yet she is able to greet us every time with a smile and hug us as if we were her family.

I trusted Carrie though this process because she gave me comfort during a time of growth and change. Thank you for your faith Carrie and your commitment to encouraging others to live their BEST life.

Lynn Donaldson

Shea Donaldson

I am so happy Carrie is in my life. She has helped me be more positive, understand myself better and change my habits.

Shea Donaldson

Tray Williams

I was not aware that utilizing a life coach would be as beneficial as a clinically trained person. However, after I heard about Carrie’s reputation, I decided to give her a try.

When I met her, I was seeing a therapist and left each session unsatisfied. Every time I left a session with Carrie, I felt better about myself, my day and my outlook on life.

Carrie helped me find out exactly what I wanted and then showed me how to get there.

Since working with Carrie, my work life is more efficient and I feel more balanced. My communication is skills have improved not only in my work, but also with my partner and my kids.

Carrie showed me how to create an awesome relationship. We discuss our needs, wants and expectations. Now, we share a love deeper than I could have imagined.

If you are considering any professional help, I encourage you to give Carrie four sessions of your time. I can honestly say that the work I did with Carrie has made my life extremely easy. It was worth every minute.

I hold my head higher today because I am getting what I want out of life.

Tray Williams, President, Central Landcare

Kathya Suchan

I never had any hesitations in working with Carrie. I had known Carrie through her website and Facebook prior to meeting her and working with her, but I knew she could get anything done. My decision in working with Carrie was simple. She was an hour away and creating a new beta group in which I was blessed to be selected to participate in.

The biggest “aha” moment I received from Carrie is that I have the power to change my story. Until working with her, I adhered to my perception of an event as truth. Now I know my perception of an event is only mine, and if it does not serve me, then I have the power to change it so that it does empower me!

This might sound silly but prior to meeting Carrie, I put her on a pedestal. She accomplished everything with grace and success. Once I met Carrie, I learned that she is a normal person with a busy family life. Carrie is successful because of her bright outlook on life, her unique skill set and the tools she uses in life.

I used my “mom priorities” as an excuse for why I cannot leave the house, start a business, put myself first at times and set boundaries. Learning strategies to overcome these obstacles allowed me to move forward in starting a coaching business.

I'm a perfectionist. Carrie taught me to see that not everything needs to be "right" to move ahead. I used to be the type of person that would stall on an idea until "everything" was right.

While I was in the beta group, I would watch Carrie and see her reaction to when things didn't go as planned. For example, I remember she was trying to set up an easel pad on a stand and it wouldn't stay up. She laughed and laughed and immediately removed a page and just placed it on the wall. She showed me that it is "OK" to not have things go as planned.

Kathya Suchan, Life Coach, Create Good Things in Life

Jessica Graft

Carrie has been such an inspiration to me. With her tools and mentoring, I have taken the leap of faith to become a life coach myself. I get to live out my passion, how amazing is that!

This dream of mine has gone from something I kept in secret due to fear and the unknown to owning my own coaching business. I couldn't have done it without her. She has really been a guiding light in my life.

Thank you times a million Carrie!

Jessica Graft, Life Coach

Russell Liebowitz

A few years ago I was faced with more adversity than I could handle. From financial hardship to marriage turmoil, my mind was consumed with panic and fear.

My goal every morning was simply to get out of bed and move forward. I couldn’t sleep and I had zero appetite. I remember driving in my car one day thinking to myself… savor this rock bottom feeling so I NEVER have to go back to this mindset in the future.

I was always very confident and sure about my abilities. The hardest part for me was dealing with this loss. I was a mess and my energy showed this. I needed help.

I remember the day Carrie Charles walked into my office. A mutual friend referred Carrie to me and I am forever grateful.

I heard the term “Life Coach” tossed around in conversations, but I was never clear on what it actually entailed. Carrie explained how she would work with me to get my confidence back and get focused again on business, finances, friendships, & organization/discipline to name a few key elements in our lives.

The second you meet Carrie, you feel inspired! Her energy and spirit is infectious. I couldn’t wait to start working with her!

For the next few months I met with Carrie to build the foundation back around my life. She provided the tools and roadmap to help me get back on track!

My experience with Carrie was a huge success! My life is exciting again. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and take charge of my day. My relationships are strong and my finances are back on track. Life is good!

Russell Liebowitz, President & Co-Founder, Broadstaff Staffing Firm

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