Hi! I’m Carrie Charles.

My mission is to help you break your barriers, access your power and design a life you love.
- Carrie


My story is one of tragedy and triumph. I grew up in a trailer park in Tennessee helping my mother clean houses to make ends meet. My teenage years were filled with personal abuse and depression, intensified with overwhelming family tragedies. The loss of my father, mother and both sisters to suicide and illness devastated my sense of being and challenged my courage and purpose.



My path became my salvation...and began right after dropping out of college. I became desperate for direction in my life and enlisted in the Marine Corps, which established the foundation for discipline and training in my future. It gave me the focus, strength and fortitude to persevere!


After the military, hardship pursued once again. An abusive first marriage and overwhelming debt drained my endurance and continued testing my purpose. I was determined to move past it all and found the inner strength to connect on a higher level. My faith was and still is my inspiration to help others empower themselves.


Forging ahead, I soon started a Financial Planning business, re-married and had two incredible children. My company flourished and eventually grew into a huge success, with a multitude of clients providing me with significant income. With this good fortune a new awareness was revealed....


Money, relationships, health, spirituality...
ALL of these aspects in life I found to be truly connected.

- Carrie


As a Certified Financial Planner, my clients would come to me not only for financial advice, but to talk about all areas of their life – money, relationships, health, spirituality. I realized that they needed more than just a financial plan; they needed a life plan, and someone to help them overcome obstacles, hold them accountable and help them reach their goals. This insight, along with my own life purpose, became my intention in life and compelled me to become a life coach.


Then tragedy struck. As my marriage ended creating financial ruin and my son was diagnosed with cancer (at age 11), my faith was tested yet again... but I stayed strong and continued to use my tools to keep me resilient through these hardships. Determined and irrepressible, I picked up the pieces and rebuilt my life. Today, I have a business that fuels my passion and purpose, a multiple seven-figure net worth, 2 healthy and happy teens, the relationship of my dreams and, at age 48, the body I’ve always wanted.


I knew I had
a purpose to fulfill:

using my experiences,
tools and faith
to help others.

- Carrie


My years of training to become a Life Coach have earned credentials as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Strategic Intervention Coach (with Cloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins), and a Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. These qualifications combined with 25 years of training with Landmark Education, have inspired and nurtured my innate altruistic abilities, and allowed me to understand the essence of an authentic and conscious life.


Yes, our history molds our future. Through my own past adversities I have always found the inner strength to connect on a higher level, which has inspired me to help create this awareness within others. EVERY event, condition, and circumstance in my life has prepared me to help hundreds of people create lives they love, overcome obstacles, take accountability and responsibility of their actions, and walk on their pathway to success.


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