Signature Programs

Problems are not sent to defeat you.

They are sent to strengthen you, teach you and take you to the next level in your life.
- Carrie


My Signature Signature Coaching Programs were designed to help you find your strength, tap into your limitless power, change your old thinking patterns, make new life choices, create a Success Blueprint and take action! Aligning that perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit is the only way to therapeutically inspire change. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape your world.


Eliminate the "perception" of everything you know,
see and feel.

We will break through the barriers of your limitations created by unconscious and unintentional negativity, and reveal a new profound awareness that will purposely and consciously build an authentic and positive life experience.


"With Carrie’s help I was able to overcome so many of the challenges and adversities in my life that were ingrained from the past. Her Rise method has helped me in so many ways and has taught me to look at life differently."

Russell Liebowitz, President, Broadstaff

One-on-One Coaching Programs:


Imagine a life that truly feels like YOURS – a life that’s blissful, expansive and light.

This revolutionary and transformative 6 month coaching program can help you get there, as we uncover the unseen barriers keeping you stuck.

You’ll truly get the best of me – you’ll receive all the tools and training you need to reach your goals consistently (that means long after our work together is over) and thrive, for life.

Here’s how it works:

1) If you are in the middle of a life challenge or crisis, we will get you to a place of clarity and empowerment.

2) Next we will get you super clear on your goals and priorities. We will talk about your desires and life purpose. I want to get to know you – truly and deeply.

3) We will identify what’s currently keeping you stuck. We’ll explore all your limiting beliefs and any negative mindsets holding you back – and I will show you how to overcome and crush those limitations, one by one.

4) Next, we’ll create your Personal Life and Business Plan. This personalized plan will illuminate and put in print your goals in every area of your life – Business, Body, Love, Money and Spirit. It’s a totally customized plan that will give you structure and accountability, and include actionable steps and other tried-and-tested tools and strategies to make your unique dreams a reality.

5) We’ll also figure out exactly how to organize your life so you’re more productive and have more time and space in your life for what matters most (aka your new goals). We’ll decide what to prioritize to make the change process as pleasurable and fast as possible.

6) You’ll have personal access to me via email and text between sessions. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you remove limitations – the negative mindsets, the old, stale thinking, the fears, the doubts, the past and any current circumstances – to making this plan a reality.

I’ll hold you accountable over time to actually follow your plan from start to finish and teach you stellar strategies for creating lasting change and handling anything that comes your way so you can continue to uplevel your life.

What you get:

My 6 month program includes two private, one hour, coaching sessions per month plus email and text support for an added boost of accountability. Also included are weekly reports, life plan revisions and massive amounts of motivation, inspiration and encouragement to help you rise to new levels.

This program helps you change your thinking, create a plan, get into action and change your life – but it’s ONLY for those willing to do the work to get massive results.

RISE Coaching Program $600/ month for six months

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The VIP day will give you everything you get with the RISE program, but all in the space of one powerful, intimate day with me.

How it works:

Think of your VIP day like your own private coaching workshop – because it is! We’ll meet from 9AM to 5PM and spend on entire, fun and powerful day planning and empowering you to create a future you love.

We’ll be exploring – and then figuring out how to elevate – every area of your life. Yep, we’re going to dig into every nook and cranny of your life (and your business) and discover exactly what’s working and what’s not. And then we’ll use a real life whiteboard to vision a perfect-for-you future, concoct fresh ideas and craft a personalized strategic plan that will literally show you step-by-step how to bring your new life into being.

What you get:

Your VIP Day includes your full day, plus 2 follow up sessions where I’ll provide extra help implementing your plan, waving goodbye to any additional roadblocks and supporting you in whatever way you need to create lasting change.

One day 10:00am –5:00pm, plus 2 private sessions. $2995

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RISE Elite

This program is a natural next step after RISE or the VIP Day. It will help you maintain your transformation, overcome obstacles and achieve more than you thought possible.

What you get:

One session per month plus email and text support for accountability.

Weekly reports designed to keep you on track and guide you as you continue moving to new levels.

RISE Elite $350/month

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