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Understanding yourself is the true reality.
Changing your thoughts transforms your entire life

- Carrie Charles

If you are prepared to achieve goals, ...

manifest your desired success and transform your lifestyle authentically , Carrie Charles is your answer. We regularly engage her services and rely on her expertise to support our high-profile clientele as to ensure they are primed to execute our strategic brand growth vision to their full potential."

Brandi Kamenar, Award-Winning Business Strategist and Personal Brand Manager
CEO, Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills

What is missing from your life?


Throughout time, people of all faiths, races, and nationalities have struggled to be happier, to feel better, and to experience that there is so much more to life than merely fighting for survival. I have dedicated myself to perpetuating a life of happiness, bringing fulfillment of mind, body and spirit for all those in need. Living life beyond the boundaries created by life’s adversities and environment, removes the limitations and obstacles, and allowing dreams to become a reality.


Ignite your
Energy Life Force.


It’s time to enable your alignment of thought, emotion and action with heartfelt desire – and envision a higher and greater purpose in life, with longevity of happiness. I will help you to learn how to rise above the limitations and to tap into your unlimited potential.

Everything in this world is multi-dimensional. Spirituality, thoughts, emotions, success or lack of success in life are ALL closely intertwined and interconnected.

My progressive Quantum Life Force Programs have the ability to go beyond one’s five senses to explore your inner potential for overcoming obstacles, past adversities and achieving personal and professional goals.


Discover what is authentic in life.


Let’s unburden your mind and body consciousness, and create solutions for your highest and greatest good.

My integrative approach provides you with the healthy, substantial lifestyle and spiritual well-being that can last a lifetime.


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