Make This Year Different

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The 3 Minute Muse has a new face!  Weekly Energy Boosts.

This year, I want to help you CRUSH the barriers that have been holding you back and RISE to the next level in your life.

I want to help you go farther than you have ever gone before.  I want to help you feel confident, powerful, focused, passionate, alive and fulfilled.  EVERY DAY

So each week, you will get inspirational messages, tools and strategies that will boost your energy, go beyond your barriers and elevate your life!

A big part of making this happen is learning to become more RESILIENT.  

We start the year on fire – motivated and excited.  But then day-to-day problems or unexpected events take us off course and back to our old ways.

When we strengthen our resilience, we are able to respond to challenges with calmness, clarity and resourcefulness.   We bounce back from setbacks more quickly and feel less overwhelmed by things we cannot control.

In other words, becoming more resilient will help you make this year different. You WILL overcome challenges.  You WILL stay on course. You WILL reach your goals!

Your weekly Energy Boosts are about YOU becoming more resilient!

So, how will you make it all happen?

First you need to change your focus from managing your time to managing your energy, choices and priorities.


It all starts in the morning.


Remember, to create something different, you need to think and act different.   Planning your day doesn’t just mean writing down a long list of things to do…. it’s so much more!

Try this strategy:

Start by writing down your 3 BIG goals.  Studies have shown that when we physically write our goals every day, it becomes embedded in our unconscious mind.

Create an intention for your day.

What do I want my day to look like?


What are my top 3 priorities today?


10 actions I need to take today (my top 10 things to do)


Who do I need to reach out to today?


Who am I waiting to hear from today?


How will I refuel my energy today?

(exercise, yoga, me-time, prayer, meditiation, relaxation, spend time with spouse and kids, eat healthy, etc)


When you plan your day in the morning (or the night before) you are waaaaaay less anxious and waaaaay more productive.


If you do what you did last year, you will get the same results.


In order to make this year different, you need to change the way you think, the choices you make and the actions you take.


YOU have the power to make it the most amazing year of your life….




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