A Powerful Success Strategy

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I just finished a 3-day conference with my business coach (every coach needs a coach!). 
I absolutely love these events.  It infuses me with energy to be around hundreds of like-minded people who are so willing to share their support and knowledge. 
One person after the other shared their experience with the group and there was a common theme — the power of community.
There is a reason why we accomplish so much more when we have the support of a community.
They believe in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.   They know our dreams and desires and never let us forget them.  They hold our feet to the fire when we want to run the other way. 
Success is not easy.  While we are moving toward our goals, life gets in the way.   Problems throw us off our mental track and shake our confidence. 
When we are alone, it’s easy to go deep in our heads and make up stories.  Even if we have a supportive partner, friends and family, there are times when they let us off the hook.   They know us too well and they want to see us happy. 
But we don’t always need to be happy.  Sometimes we need to be told the hard truth and pushed beyond our fears.  We need to be nudged out of our comfort zone.
This is what community is all about. 
Your biggest obstacle is always your mind.   You win or lose between your ears.   No matter how hard you try, some days that little voice in your head can get the best of you.
You need an outsider to see what you can’t see.   You need someone who sees the future you and who refuses to let you back down on your commitments. 
If you look at the world’s most successful people you will see that they surround themselves with other successful people.   They hang out with people who push them to play bigger and encourage them live into their greatness. 
Take a look at your own life.  Do you have people who believe in you? Who lift you up when you can’t seem to lift your head off the pillow?  Who empower you to push past your limitations?
The New Year is almost here.  You can easily make this the best year of your life by aligning yourself with the right people.
If you don’t have a community, create one.   You can create your own mastermind that meets monthly.
There are countless communities online,  such as Facebook groups, that you can join without ever leaving home.
When my kids were born, I was a part of a playgroup that met weekly.    This group kept me sane and helped me through all the tough years of raising my kids.   We are still friends 15 years later.
I’ve been involved with communities and small groups over the years that have provided me with priceless support, inspiration and motivation.   I would not be where I am today without their stand for my greatness.
“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” ~ Epictetus
You have big dreams… surround yourself with people who will help make them a reality.

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