Baby You’re Worth It

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I was driving my 15 year old daughter and her friends yesterday and they were singing at the top of their lungs, “Baby I’m Worth It”. 
This is one of the many inappropriate songs my daughter can sing word for word.   I decided to ignore the uncomfortable parts of the song (I’ve learned to pick my battles) and I focused on the positive aspects of the phrase “Baby I’m Worth It”.
Then I tried to offer the girls a short lecture on self worth.  They politely cut me off and asked me to turn up the music.   Since I didn’t have an audience, I decided email you!
My glorious insight was about how our feelings of unworthiness keep us stuck, wreck our dreams and cause us to settle for less than we actually deserve.
I want to tell you about a few of my clients that have struggled with this issue.  (names changed, of course) 

Samantha has her own business and she is one of the best in her industry.  However, she is charging so little for her services that she is struggling financially, frustrated and ready to quit.   She is terrified to raise her prices because she feels she will lose clients.  She thinks she needs more training, certifications, education, knowledge, etc.    
She doesn’t feel she is worth it. 
Martha has been in a toxic relationship for years.  No matter how many red flags have been slapping her in the face, she keeps making excuses to stay.   She is scared that she won’t find anyone better and she will be alone.   She feels that she is too old and out of shape to attract the kind of man she really wants and needs.  
She doesn’t think she is worth it.
Carol has been trying to lose 20lbs for years.  No matter how hard she tries, the weight just won’t come off.   She starts exercise programs and diets, but is never able to follow through.  She puts everyone else’s needs before her own and has no time for herself.  Every night, she drinks more alcohol than she should and eats whatever she wants to relieve the stress of the day.    
She doesn’t feel she is worth it.
The way we feel about ourselves determines the life we create.   We don’t get what we deserve, we get what we think we deserve.   Our self worth teaches people how to treat us.   It controls our mood and determines our level of success. 
We tend to focus on what’s wrong with us, instead of what’s right.  We have a long list of accomplishments and incredible qualities yet we focus on the one mistake we made or the thing we want to fix the most.   
Imagine for a moment that you were created to be exactly as you are… nothing is broken, nothing needs to be fixed.  You are whole and complete and perfect right now. 
What would be possible in your life if you if you chose to accept yourself totally and completely?   What if every imperfection has a purpose and your mess is really your message to make a difference in the world?
We all have an unseen price tag – on our time, our value at work, our role in relationships.  The problem is that we set our prices too low.   We don’t really know our true value because it is diminished by that little voice in our head that tells us we are not enough.
That voice is really a bundle of limiting beliefs that we created when we were young.  They are simply not true.  
It’s time to rip off your price tag and put a big X through it.  Then take a sharpie and double it… triple it…. put a bunch of zeros behind it.  Because the truth is that you are worth much more than you think. 
Go to 10 people and ask them to tell you what they love about you.   Write it down and post it to your bathroom mirror.  Say it out loud every day to remind yourself of who you really are.
Its time to step into your authentic self.   It’s time to believe that more is possible and create the life you deserve.   
Because Baby You ‘re Worth It!

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