Boldly Go After Your Dreams

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Something incredible happened last week.  It was one of the best days of my life!

I was with my son at a baseball showcase where he pitched in front of 100 college coaches.

After the first game, we saw the coach from his dream college.   My son had been emailing this coach for almost a year expressing his interest but received no response.

I told my son to go talk to him and tell him he wants to go to school there.

He hesitated.  It was an uncomfortable moment.   I could see the thoughts racing through his head.  He was so nervous!

I said, “This one moment – this one conversation – could change your life.   Do not let fear stop you from living your dreams.   GO NOW!”

He walked over to the coach with his voice shaking.  I was shaking too (and praying like crazy!)

And then something amazing happened.  The coach tilted his head and said, “I am very interested”.

What happened after that was a dream come true.

What he had been aspiring to accomplish over the past year had happened.  He had their attention.  They wanted him.

I ran behind the building and cried.   After seven years of hard work, sitting on the bench, waiting his turn, being passed over… In this moment, it all came together.

So many times in life, we miss opportunities because we don’t ask for what we want.

We stand in the background and watch other people take the spotlight.  They reach our goals and live our dreams.   We stand in fear, with a thousands excuses running through our minds.

It wasn’t just bravery that made that happen for my son.

He was prepared.

He had been working for months, perfecting his craft, getting stronger and better.  So when he got the opportunity, he was ready.

Preparation + Opportunity = Dream come true

You can have an opportunity and not be prepared then blow it.

You can be the most prepared, talented, skilled person on earth but if you never seize the opportunity, you get nowhere.

Shyness, discomfort, feeling like you are bothering someone, fear of rejection , fear of making a fool out of yourself –  All of this stops you from getting what you want in life.

It’s time to start being BOLD.  Step out of your comfort zone and take what is yours.

You have a purpose and a destiny.  But if you don’t take action then it will never happen.

People are busy thinking about themselves.  They are not thinking about you – until you make them.

Don’t’ hold back.  Go after what you want as if your life depended on it…. Because it does!

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