Crazy Things Happen When You Play Big!

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I just got back from LA! It was one of the best trips of my life. So many good things happened that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!

I went to a writer’s conference to pitch my new book. When I got off the plane, I felt different. I was excited, energized and bolder than usual. When I walked into the meeting room, I told myself that I was going to play big, take chances and meet every single person there.

My “usual” way of being would be to connect with a few people and build a relationship, to sit back and observe before jumping in. Not this time. I knew I had to do something different to get a BIG result.

I was the first to raise my hand when the speaker asked for a volunteer. He made me get on stage and do something crazy, of course. I almost fell off the stage with my 4 inch heels, and I’m sure my dress was too short to be up so high and the audience so low, 😉 but I ignored all that and just kept on smiling.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. I met with a publisher who loved my book and offered me a deal. I had dinner with a wildly famous person that could help me in my career (I can’t tell you his name, but he is right up there with Oprah!) I got a new client who asked for a VIP day with me and I stayed an extra day to work with him at his gazillion-dollar beach house in Malibu. I had coffee next to Chuck Norris at Starbucks (yes, I did the karate chop thing when I walked by him). I had a good hair day every day… and the best part is…..

I met a big agent who is SO big that he doesn’t take you unless you’re big. He has represented Eckhart Toile, Jack Canfield and the “For Dummies” books. I mustered up the courage and pitched him my book anyway, shaking the whole time. I’m sure what I said made no sense, but I was passionate!

Two days later, as I was about to get on the plane to come home, I got an email from him. He said that he wanted to represent me! I read the email 20 times. I told the people sitting next to me on the plane (like they really cared.) Then I sat there and wondered if it really happened.

It can take months or years for a new, non-celebrity, author to get a good agent. And I did it one week after my book proposal was finished.

The reason I am telling you this is because I learned something valuable from these experiences.

We get comfortable in our environments. We get complacent. We don’t put ourselves out there enough in life. We sit on the sidelines instead of getting on the field and playing full out.
Each one of us has the ability to step it up a notch. Whether you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, growing your business, starting a new project or just looking to have an extraordinary life, you are not expressing your full potential.

Sometimes we get lazy and we don’t feel like being charismatic and magnetic. We would rather stay home than get out and meet new people. We let our fears, doubts and lack of self confidence stop us from being who we really are deep inside.

See, who you are BEING will determine what you will get in life. What you put out there will come back to you.

You know what I’m talking about. You remember those times when you were “ON” and your mojo was on fire. These are the times when great things happen to you.

You can create this state at any time. All you have to do is decide to be that way…. even if you don’t feel like it. You have to step into that dynamic, funny, magnetic YOU and act “as if” you are the king or queen of the world.

You have that part of you that can draw people toward you and make them fall in with love you. You just need to be bold enough to let it come out.

When you change the way you are being and acting, then you change the way you are feeling. When you feel good, good things happen. People love being around people that make them feel good.

People have a desire to help each other and when we like someone, we want to connect with them and do something nice for them.

Who are you being? How is your energy from day to day? Are you stepping into your highest and best self? Are you seizing opportunities or watching them float by?

You are the designer of your own life. God gives you the opportunities, but it is up to you to capture them and create your destiny.

As 2015 approaches, decide that you will not let another year go by without reaching your goals. Start now. Get out on the field and be the superstar that you are!

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