Hooked on a Feeling

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I didn’t want to go today.  It was cold and raining and the last thing I wanted to do was get up a 5:30AM

But I ignored how I felt and went anyway.

After my workout, I felt AMAZING…. filled with energy, focused, happy and ready to attack the day.

Exercise not only helps us lose weight, build muscle and get a rockin body, but it does so much more!

Boosts brainpower and memory

 Reduces Stress

 Boosts happy chemicals and confidence

Alleviates depression and anxiety

 Helps you be more productive, more creative and increases your libido!

With all this to gain, why is it so hard to stay consistent with our fitness routines?

 We don’t have the time.

The truth is that we DO have time…. for what is important! When we make exercise a priority with a BIG PAYOFF, then we make sure we make it happen no matter how busy we are.

If you have a day when you are so busy that you don’t have a moment to breathe, then exercise for 10 or 15 minutes.  This strengthens your confidence and keeps you on track.

We don’t feel like it. 

We let our feelings dictate our decisions in every area of life – health, work and relationships.  When we run our life by our feelings, our commitments take a back seat.  We end up with reasons but no results.

Many times our feelings are coming from a place of resistance. When we are growing, it feels uncomfortable.  When we are moving to the next level, it feels scary, uncertain and exhausting.

The key is to take action even when you don’t feel like it.  When you “just do it”, as NIKE says, you will start feeling the energy and excitement that comes with making progress.

You will start seeing results.  The excitement of accomplishment will light a fire and fuel your desire!

We lose motivation

Our motivation comes from our deepest desires, or our WHY.  When we really get to the bottom of WHY we want something, then it will drive us through any obstacle.

Losing weight is not a WHY.

Feeling energized, being able to run and play with my kids, feeling sexy and confident in a swimsuit this summer, living a long life, feeling energized and happy every day – these are all WHYs.

Making more money is not a WHY.

Living in my dream home, taking amazing vacations and getting closer to my family, seeing the smile on my daughter’s face when she can participate in a sport she loves, wearing clothes that make me feel confident, sending my son to the college of his dreams, feeling the accomplishment of my business growth – these are all WHYs.

Find your WHYs and you will be unstoppable!

I KNOW you are going to make this year different.  I know you are going to take consistent action, make progress and go after what you want.

You have the power to achieve your heart’s desires.   You have everything you need RIGHT NOW to make your dreams come true.

All you have to do is feel the fear, the doubt, the fatigue, the overwhelm and keep taking the action.

Stop to refuel your energy, spend time with people you love, do something nice for yourself, then re-start your engine and keep moving.



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