The Benefit of the Doubt

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Thank you for your prayers.  I was touched by the number of people who reached out to me with encouraging messages.  It meant the world to me!

Sooooo…..I got my results and I am cancer free!  I hugged the doctor so tight her glasses almost fell off.   After three months of waiting for the results, I have to say it felt pretty darn good just to have an answer.

It is amazing how the loving support of people can get you through anything.  Too often, we don’t reach out when we have a problem.  We don’t want to bother anyone.  We feel like we can handle it alone.

But the truth is that things get worse when we go inward.   That little voice in our head gets louder and we lose perspective.

When we are struggling with something and we go into hiding,  we are tortured by fear and doubt.

I spoke to a new client yesterday who was in this situation.  Self-doubt was causing her to panic and second-guess her decisions.

She started a new business and her mind has been filled with thoughts like this:

“What if this doesn’t work?   What will I do?  What if I do all this hard work and I don’t get where I want to be?  There is so much to learn and so much I don’t know. What if it fails?”

Doubt is the enemy of growth and success.  It kills dreams and causes worry and anxiety.

But if we look closer, we see that doubt is not the problem.  The real problem is that we allow the doubt to stop us.  We let it prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

We start something, get scared and retreat to a safer place.  Then we see other people who have what we want and feel frustrated.  Part of us knows that it would be possible if we would only get out of our own way.

The trick is to allow the doubt to be there.  Doubt is not a bad thing – it is simply trying to protect you from pain and disappointment.

Feel the doubt and say to yourself….

“I trust my abilities.  I may not know what to do now, but I trust I will figure it out.  I will get the help I need.  I will keep going despite the doubt.”

There are 5 warning signs that doubt is blocking your success.

You slow down

When you get distracted, lose steam or move in a different direction, it is a sign that you are letting doubt stop you.

This is the time to push through the discomfort and keep taking action.

You allow other people’s negativity to affect you.

Sometimes the negativity is coming from those we love.  This can be confusing because we trust and value their opinion.  But remember, many people are afraid of change and they don’t want to see you hurt, so they warn you of potential dangers.

Don’t allow this to derail you.  Thank them for their concern and just keep going.

You don’t ask for help – from the right people.

When we doubt ourselves, we need people to speak positivity into our lives.  Find a mentor, coach, or friend who can pump you up when you feel flat.   Someone who will not let you quit!

The need for approval can kill our motivation.  When our confidence is dependent on another person’s opinion, our mood is unstable and we are inconsistent.

Remember, well-meaning people can throw you off track.

Stay strong and believe in yourself and your mission.  Inhale confidence and exhale doubt.

You think you should be moving faster than you are – or you worry that you won’t get there fast enough

You see other people who are further along than you and it feels like you will never get there.

I have a quote in my office that says,  “Faith in God includes faith in his timing”.  This reminds me to be patient and trust that it will happen… at the perfect time.

Remember…the time will pass anyway, so you might as well stay in the game and get the prize!

You become irritable, depressed or anxious when you face an obstacle

Doubt is annoying!  When you find yourself agitated, sad, lacking energy or motivation, you need to go inside and ask yourself, “What is this feeling trying to tell me?”

You can be moving along at warp speed and then something (or someone) throws you off.

Remember…. Obstacles will be a big part of your journey.  Unfortunately, a necessary part.

Each challenge you face is an opportunity to grow.  Every roadblock contains valuable information that can help you reach your goal.

There is always an opportunity hidden in the problem.  When you find the opportunity, it will lead you to your next step.

Things will always work out— maybe not exactly as you planned, but exactly how they are supposed to be.

Trust your path.  Believe that what is happening is for your greater good.  And most of all –-

Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death!

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