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I’m writing to you from Key West, again!  But this time I’m not drinking Jack, I’m drinking green tea and green juice…. a very different trip!

I’m here with my kids, my ex-husband and his girlfriend.   I know, it sounds strange, but we have one of those unique divorces that ended in a terrific friendship.   We do holidays and vacations together and the kids love it!

When we travel, we are quite a crew.  His girlfriend is 8-10 years older than my kids so we get a lot of puzzled looks.

But I learned a long time ago that you have a happier life when you forgive and give love than when you hold on to resentment and plot your revenge.

Today I want to talk to you about what is possible in your life.

We all have routines, not just in the way we live our lives but also in the way we think.   We have ideas of what is and isn’t possible, for ourselves and our loved ones.

When we were looking for my son’s first car last summer, one of the features that sealed the deal for me was the blind spot sensor.  When he put on his blinker, it beeped if there was a car next to him.

I was hoping I could cover the car in bubble wrap, but that wasn’t an option!

We all have blind spots in our life.  Sometimes things are hidden from our view.  There could be a solution to problem you aren’t seeing or an opportunity that you are missing.

Our blind spots hide possibility.

Last week, someone said something to me that could change my son’s life forever.

There is an amazing baseball school only one hour away from where we live.   I knew about the school, but never even crossed my mind to send my son there.  (He is obsessed with baseball and wants to play professionally).

From one conversation, he now has the opportunity to go to this incredible school and  I have a plan on how to get him there!

When we get an idea, we tend to dismiss it.  We come up with reasons why it won’t work.  We allow fear and doubt to make decisions for us.

We need to pay attention to conversations, thoughts and ideas.  These are the “beeps” in our life that alerts us to our blind spots.

Are you experiencing all that is possible in your own life?

Do you have an idea that you are dismissing because you think it won’t work?  Is there something you really want to do that you have convinced yourself not to do?

When you open yourself up to all that is possible, you break the limits in your life.  The barriers crumble and you get to experience all that life has to offer.

Right now, there are possibilities that you are not seeing.  There are opportunities you are seeing and ignoring.

Decide today that you are going to live your life to the fullest.  You are going to take advantage of all that is out there waiting for you.

Only you can take the action.  Only you can change your life.

Choose to act in the face of fear and doubt.  Take the risks to live the life you desire.

You only have one life…. You might as well make it amazing!

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