Faith and Fearlessness

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I’m on a plane coming back from Dallas.  I took my daughter there for a cheer camp.  Cheerleading is so different than when I was young.   No pom-poms, no chants, just amazing athletes flipping and flying through the air.

I was sitting in the bleachers watching my daughter be thrown 30 feet, upside down, when a beautiful woman sat down next to me.  We started talking and she revealed that she is an author who just sold the movie rights to her first book.

Of course, as a life coach, I had to find out all about her so I could share it with you!  I proceeded to ask 1000 questions.  She was receptive and we hit it off like two peas in a pod.

I took her outside, sat down on the stairs and proceeded to interview her with my ipad.  It was no 20/20, but it turned out fabulous! (It’s posted on our facebook page,

10 years ago, she was a stay at home mom.  She always wanted to write but didn’t know how or where to begin.  She just took a leap of faith and began teaching herself.

After researching, learning and studying the process, she finished her book and called it, “Kiss and Makeup”, a book for teens.

She was so excited that she pitched it to publisher after publisher, only to be turned away every time.  For years, no one said yes.

She loved the process of writing so much that she didn’t care that everyone was turning her away.  She knew that someday,  somewhere, someone would say yes.

One day, she decided to write thank you notes to a few of the publishers that rejected her.  One of the publishers wrote back and said, “I want to make this into a movie”.

Not only was the book published,  but it is being made into a movie, and a video game.  You will see it on the big screen soon.

She went shopping this week and bought a new purse with the money that she created from pursuing a dream that people said would never happen.

There was a sparkle in her eye as she talked about her journey.   Her energy was infectious.  She was a testimony that anyone can live their dreams, in spite of obstacles and limitations.  And I know for a fact that she had many of obstacles along the way.   She could have used these obstacles as reasons to quit, but she didn’t.

Two things that Katie D. Anderson said to me yesterday really hit home.

She said that, in hindsight, she really loved the process of struggling, waiting and persevering.   She told me about “the protection of rejection”.  She said the rejection was protecting you until the time is right.

She also said that God is working behind the scenes, putting the pieces together.  We don’t see it until it is finished.

You never know who is sitting next to you in life.  You are put in situations for a reason.  Striking up a conversation may lead to your next business deal, next sale or a few words that can change your life.

Too many times we get lost on our phones, facebook or emails and ignore the richness of life around us.   Good old fashioned conversation can be a gateway for our next big breakthrough.

Remember, JK Rowlings was a single mother on welfare when she wrote Harry Potter.  She was also rejected.

Every success story is full of rejection.   Rejection is a vital part of success

How many times do you stop at no?  Does no make you doubt yourself or your idea? Did you know that no is your access to yes?

I want you to play a game.  Try to get 100 no’s.  If you are looking for a mate, selling a product, starting a business or pitching an idea, prepare for a yes, do your best, but be thrilled with a no.  Why?  Because it is one step closer to a yes.

You see,  if you keep going, you will have success.  It is a proven fact.  Most people give up too soon and become statistics.  They become reasons why it won’t work.

You may have to tweak things along the way, this is all part of the process.  But if you listen to that negative voice in your head, you are doomed.  It’s a liar.  Ignore it and stay in action.

Have you heard about the people who gave up?  Who had a great idea, or wanted love so bad, but were so scared of rejection that they never stepped out and tried again?  No, you haven’t heard of them because they are the ones hiding in the background wishing their lives were different.

Do you want to be one of those people hiding, wishing you were somewhere other than where you are?  NO, you don’t.

That was your first no, now go get 99 more.  🙂

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