How to Get Out of Your Own Way

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You have things you want to accomplish.  You need to grow your business, fix your marriage, make more money, get out of debt, lose weight, bounce back or just get happier.

Anytime you attempt something that requires change of any kind, resistance rears its ugly head.

It seems crazy to think we would resist something that we want so much.  But it’s not the goal we are resisting.  We are resisting the actions we need to take to get that goal.

To achieve something takes work.  Whether it’s a great relationship, a hot, healthy body or a kick ass business, it takes discipline, sacrifice and a lot of work.

Resistance kicks in when we want to go to a higher level physically, professionally, spiritually, or in our relationships.  It is the enemy within that stands between you and what you want.

Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing the work.  It will do anything to get you back in your comfort zone.  It will seduce and distract you. It will reason with you.  It will convince you that you to eat that bad meal, have that extra drink, skip that workout, stay in a toxic relationship, cross the line, buy those shoes or just give up and go to bed.

Resistance has one goal:  to stop us from doing what we need to do.

When you feel the discomfort of resistance, it means you are growing.  You are stepping outside your comfort zone to uncharted territory.  This is when you need to be strong, delay gratification and practice self-control.   This helps you build confidence and the strengthens your muscle of perseverance.

Resistance is fueled by fear.  Fear can be conquered with one thing – Faith.  Both fear and faith cannot be present at the same time.   Ask yourself what you are afraid of, then create a positive message you repeat to yourself daily that helps build your faith in this area.

Clues that you are resisting:

Avoiding something you know you need to confront
Making excuses
Fear and uncertainty
Negative Self-Talk
Using alcohol, food, drugs or other activities to escape

You may be resisting your fulfilling your purpose.  You may be called to do something that you are not doing.  When we are not living our greater purpose, we feel unsettled.  What is your unique gift you were put on this earth to give?  Are you working toward that right now?

It takes a leap of faith and courage to stay on track in the face of resistance.

Everything you want is available to you.  Anything is possible if you believe that it’s possible.  Make a decision today that you will not allow resistance to derail you.  Stay true to yourself and your desire to take your life to the next level.

You got this!

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