How to Wait

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Are you waiting for something to happen and it feels like there is no movement at all?

When we set a goal, we start our engines. We work hard, things start happening and we get excited. It all seems possible – so real!

Then everything comes to a screeching halt.

It’s like a flowing river running into a dam… drip, drip, drip — then nothing.

Where does the momentum go?

Part of the creation process is “no noticeable movement”. Something is happening, but you may not be able to detect it.

It’s like intermission at the theater. All you see is a closed curtain.

Behind the scenes, people are running around, changing the set, switching costumes and getting ready for the second act.

What should you do during intermission?

Stay in action.

Manage your time well so you can get back in your seat before the curtain opens.

Keep doing the things you know you need to be doing. Don’t get frustrated or discouraged and by all means DON’T GIVE UP.

Just keep working.

If you want a new relationship and you are sick and tired of going out and meeting new people, don’t give up and sit on the sofa every night watching Netflix. Stay open, be active and think positive.

Action breeds results. Sometimes the results don’t come when you want them to, but they always come when they are supposed to.

I am in intermission with my literary agent right now. The book proposal has been sent to publishers and I feel absolutely zero movement!

But I stay faithful and think positive thoughts. I keep writing because the moment I get the right publisher, I will have to work fast to finish the book.

Every day, I visualize walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing my book on the shelf, then standing at a table with a long line of people smiling at me while I sign their books.

This process keeps me from freaking out (as my daughter calls it) and helps me to stay focused while I am waiting.

Intermission is not fun, but it’s a necessary part of success.

During this quiet time, you may get a new perspective or a fresh idea that will help your goal become a reality.

The way you wait will determine the way you succeed.

If you wait with a good attitude, maintain focus and motivation then you will be ready to grab the brass ring when it floats by.

Be careful – your mind will play tricks on you. Old limiting beliefs and fears will try to create self-doubt.

This is the time when you need to stay mentally strong. Believe in yourself and keep visualizing what you want coming to you.

Keep your spirits high and stay focused.

The good news is that intermission doesn’t last forever…. The curtain will soon open and your desires will come alive!

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