No More Excuses – Just Do It

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Is there something you really, really, really want to do?  Something you have been working toward, but you’ve become discouraged?  Something you think about but you don’t know how to make happen?




making excuses


putting it off


complaining about it


dreaming about it


crying about it


believing you can’t


worrying if you can


waiting until you are older,








or all around better.


Suck it up


Hold on tight


Say a prayer,


Make a plan


And get out there and DO IT!


Now is all you have.  Tomorrow is not promised.  Don’t wait one more minute…  your time now.


We are almost halfway through 2015.  The only way to make the rest of 2015 “YOUR YEAR” is to get out there and take action.


Don’t be a spectator in your own life.  Jump out of the stands and get on the field and play.


Yes, you will be scared.  Being scared let’s you know you are on the verge of something important.


If you are not scared, you are not taking a chance.  If you are not taking a chance, then what are you doing with your life?


You will have doubts.   Part of you will believe it’s possible and part of you will think you are crazy. That’s perfectly normal.


Ignore your fears and doubts and get moving.


The only way to have something different is to do something different, think different and be different. Staying in the same place week after week, month after month, will only frustrate you.


Wherever you are right now is the perfect place. Whatever you feel right now is the way you are suppose to feel.


Your past does not determine your future.  Your current circumstances have nothing to do with what you can create.  What you have or do not have makes no difference.


There is a place inside you that is powerful, unbreakable, driven and passionate. Tap into that place and live from there.


Evaluate what you have been doing, learn new strategies, make better choices and move forward.


You only have one life.  Don’t let your dreams die inside you!  It is possible for you to have what you desire, but you have to get out of your own way.


It’s time to trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.  You are more ready than you feel.   Decide today that you are not going to let another year go by without reaching your goals.


You destiny is waiting!

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