One Decision

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We make hundreds of decisions ever day.   “What should I wear?  Should I exercise today?  What should I have for lunch?  Dinner?  Should I say yes or no?”

There are other decisions that are on autopilot.  When we are upset at someone, we either make the decision to carry it with us or shake it off.   When we have a bad morning, we decide to make it a bad day or turn it around.  When we are facing adversity, we can let it bring us down and consume our thoughts or we can adjust our attitudes and find a solution.

We make decisions in childhood that are still dominating our lives today – “People leave me, I’m not good enough, I’m fat, unattractive, I don’t want to hurt anyone or I will never be hurt again”.

All these decisions create the life you have today.

The good news is that you do have control over all your decisions.   You can change the way you feel in a moment.  You can change your decisions and change your future.

You can decide now that this day is going to be great, no matter what happens.  You can decide this week, that you are going to be resilient and rebound from difficulty, hit challenges head on and take action.  You can decide that you are going to be in a good mood, right now.

Let’s play the SHIFT game.  For the next 7 days, when you are faced with a challenge or you feel frustrated, make a decision to SHIFT.  Shift your thinking by naming 5 things you love about your life.  Then say to yourself, “I was created limitless, there is nothing I cannot overcome or achieve.”

Sometimes you need to have a talk with yourself.  You need to be your own coach and snap out of it and get into action.

You may be faced with a big decision right now.  You may be waiting for the right time or the right circumstances,  You may be waiting for God to come down from heaven, sit in a chair next to you with a cup of coffee and tell you exactly what to do and how it will turn out.  Well, it’s not gonna happen.  There is never a “perfect” choice.  Every decision has consequences.

Make the choice and walk through the door.  Then the next door will be opened for you, and the next and the next.  Have faith.  Take the step without seeing the whole staircase.

You are the only one who can change your life.  You always have the power to make a new decision.  Take control now.

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