Tap into Your Mind’s Eye and Dreams Come True

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We are visual creatures. We are a visual society constantly bombarded with images, advertising, media, Internet and movies that all play on our visual nature. The power of imagery works on our subconscious and conscious mind and drives many of our appetitive and primal desires. Pictures are so powerful that they create energy and emotion and that will drive us action. This energy and emotion is so motivating that it actually steers you in a certain direction and then you make choices that will fulfill your dreams! So how can you tap into your mind’s eye and manifest your dreams into reality? Make a collage of the life that you want to create for yourself. If you carefully choose images that appeal to your subconscious desires you will be able to clarify what your dreams really are and that is the first step to actualizing them. This visualization becomes tangible on the board and it is empowering to present to yourself and the world your ideal life in pictures. How do you create a vision board?
A vision board is simply a collage of pictures glued to a poster board. Do not use words because images are more powerful and more likely to drive you to action. This is a real, tangible, positive and easy way to realize your full potential. The first step is to think about what you truly desire for yourself and search for images, photos, or magazines pictures that appeal to these desires. Do not over think your selections; rather choose images that speak to you and make you feel positive, happy and complete. Do not evaluate the pictures or start pasting them onto your board. Just stack them into a pile. These images that you chose are what you truly desire and this will lead you to your bliss. Take time to gather the images that represent your perfect situation and your ideal life. It will not work if you pick random images that just look good or do not evoke any positive feelings in you. When in doubt, pick images that give you a sense of passion and enjoyment. This creates the flow of energy and emotion. The mere sight of your vision board should make you happy and smile and fuel your passion to achieve it every time you look at it.
Another important aspect when assembling this collage is how you group or assemble the images on the poster board. Pin or glue the images on the board in groupings or in whatever order feels right to you. You should allow your subconscious mind to take over and design your future reality. It is important to have a clear idea of your goals and ambitions but do not over think it either. The key here is to tap into your emotions. It is the emotional intensity that will elevate your mood and make you feel good and create the confidence and resolve to make these dreams come true!!
The key to making your vision board work for you is to keep it in a place that you will see it on a daily basis. You must be exact and authentic when you chose these images because you are creating the path to your future life – the representation of all your hopes, dreams and aspirations. When you see this collage of images it will serve as a daily inspiration to stay positive, focused, and energized on this new path towards fulfilling your dreams. You will start to make healthy and life changing decisions because these images stay in your mind and your conscious mind will start to implement the desires of your subconscious mind.
Some important things to keep in mind are to stay positive and maintain the attitude that everything you so richly deserve is coming to you. The board represents your future life and new reality. Live each day with total belief and trust that you are on the right path to your perfect life. Be sure to take positive action when you feel your inner voice speaking to you. This little nudge has been created by the positive energy surrounding your vision board. You must take consistent action to realize these dreams because just gazing at your board and hoping and dreaming will not attract those things you want in your life (good health, love, wealth, inner peace, luxury vacations, or a new job). The concept is that the right thoughts and positive emotions lead to the right actions to make it happen!!!
As you continue to go about your life, appreciate all the great things you already have and all the great, new things happening to you. Show gratitude and appreciation for every new success and fulfillment. This is the start of the chain reaction. When you take consistent action and believe something good can happen, it will happen. Promise!! Happy Visioning…

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