The Cycle of Success

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Over my decades of observing high achieving people, I have seen many roads to success.  But they all have one thing in common… they follow the Cycle of Success.

There is a 4-step cycle that will help you achieve your goals and conquer your fears.  When you understand this cycle, you will have the confidence you need to  help you overcome challenges and rise to the top.

1.  Excitement

The first step in the Cycle of Success is Excitement.

It starts with an opportunity.  It could be starting or growing our business, losing weight, a new relationship or a career change.  We start our engines and take off!

The future is full of possibilities.

2.  Failure

The second step in the Cycle of Success is Failure. 

Something happens and we get anxious.  Things don’t go our way.  It’s harder than we thought.  It gets complicated and frustrating.  We get tired and second-guess ourselves.  We wonder if it will even work at all.

This is when we feel like giving up.  Fear, confusion and overwhelm dance in our mind.

3.  Breakthrough

The third step in the Cycle of Success is Breakthrough.

If we can survive failure, we will get a breakthrough.

Some of our biggest breakthroughs come after our biggest breakdowns… if we just don’t give up.


The next phase of the Cycle of Success cycle is Flow.

Things are starting to come together.  You see the results of your efforts.

You are in a groove and it feels good!

Then it’s time to move to the next level.   Opportunity presents itself again and you repeat the cycle.

The key to mastering this cycle is to understand that you have to move through each failure, disappointment and obstacle without letting it stop you.

Embrace the tough times.  Feel the fear and keep moving until you get to your breakthrough.   Then celebrate your success.

Change is inevitable.  When things are good, it changes.  When things are bad, it changes.  Problems are a guaranteed part of life, but suffering does not have to be.

Your perception of your current situation is crucial to your well-being and your success.  When you view your challenges as part of the process, you feel calmer and are more able to take the necessary action to reach your goals.

God gives his biggest challenges to his strongest warriors.  Your life will be filled with tests and lessons that are designed to help you fulfill your greater purpose.

No matter how tough something is, just remember it is an opportunity to learn and grow.  This experience will make you stronger, better.  You will bounce back and bounce higher than before.

Stay strong and glide through your success cycle.  Don’t let anything hold you back.

Push through, press on, and propel yourself to the next level!

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