Why Things Happen

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The number one question my clients ask is,  “Why did this happen? 
We have an insatiable desire to know why. 
Why did he leave me?  Why did she cheat on me?  Why did I lose my job?  Why do I have this health problem? Why is this happening to my son/daughter? 
Why… Why… Why ?!?!?!
Twelve years ago, when I found out my ex-husband was unfaithful, I was obsessed with knowing why.   I thought it would lessen the stabbing pain of betrayal and help me regain my confidence.
But I never found out why.  I eventually had to accept that not knowing was okay and I had to rebuild myself and my life without the comfort of validation.  
In order to move forward in our lives, we need to give up needing to know why things happen as they do. 
We need to trust that what is happening in our life is happening for the best reasons and intentions.
If we aren’t able to do this then we are allowing the past to create our present and future.
When you are thinking about past hurts and disappointments, your energy is directed to holding the past in place instead of being open to creating something new.
When you direct energy to the past, it stunts your growth.  It slows down the process of change and reinvention.  
Have things ever moved slowly in your life?  Maybe you want a new relationship, a new career, business growth or healing and it simply isn’t manifesting?
The more you focus on the past, the longer it takes to create new things.   Your energy is directed in the wrong place and your life is running in slow motion. 
We are fascinated by people who manifest so easily.  They want something and it they get it.  They start something and it succeeds. 
These people are directing the majority of their energy in the present.  They are not burdened by the past.   They cleared a space for new things to come into their life. 
When you stop asking why and let go of the past, then you will create a space for something new to emerge.  You will be open to change and will attract more of what you want in your life. 
Instead of asking why, ask “What’s next?”  

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