You Can Make It Through Anything

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I just read my son’s college application essay.  It brought tears to my eyes!  He talked about his experience with cancer and the lessons he learned.  

It is especially touching right now because I am scheduled to have my own biopsy soon.  It has been an emotional roller coaster for me the last 2 weeks, but my son has given me so much strength.   

This health issue has forced me to get out of the hustle of the holidays and into a deep place of gratitude and love. 

It has given me a greater understanding of how to deal with the unknown.  An entire chapter in my new book is about the fear of the unknown.  I guess God wants me to write about it while experiencing it!   

The truth is that life must go on.  Even when we are worried, scared, uncertain or hurting.  We still have to take care of our kids, go to work, make dinner, do dishes, laundry and run errands.  

We have to find a way to access peace in the midst of mental chaos.  

I found a way to be happy when I have no idea what is going to happen — It’s called crazy, insane, over-the-top FAITH.  My son taught me about this type of faith through his experience with cancer.  

Allow me to share his short essay with you…

The surgery was expeditious. However, the years to follow would not be. Countless visits to the hospital to get blood drawn and MRI’s conducted would follow the removal of the tumor. All this to ensure that my cancer would not return. Cancer is a sickness which has touched the lives of almost every human being on earth, and it touched me directly. It taught me how to deal with adversity, a quality which I have used through many aspects of my life.

Knowing that I am a cancer survivor gives me the strength to accomplish anything life decides to throw at me. I use it in baseball; whenever I have a disappointing outing, I simply learn from my mistakes and move on. I use it in the classroom; when I score lower on a test than I am capable of, it motivates me to put in extra work and study longer hours. I understand that life can seen very difficult at times. However, knowing how far I have already come gives me the power to push through any misfortunes and never look back. Adversity can be a cruel thing, and learning to deal with it has made me feel unbreakable.

Cancer is a problem which stands tall in todays world. Being able to battle and survive the life changing disease has inspired me to do volunteer work at the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. I spend countless hours with the kids; Helping them with homework, playing games with them, and organizing various activities. There is nothing more priceless in this world than putting a smile on a child’s face who is standing face-to-face with a disease as melancholy as cancer. I recall an instance when I taught a young boy the various parts of the solar system. He was very intrigued by the concept and as I helped him draw his very own solar system on a piece of construction paper. Each time we would draw a planet I would use my background knowledge to explain to him the interesting aspects of it. He smiled and laughed throughout the entire process, and in the end he had his own solar system to take home, and to remember the places beyond our earth. This along with countless other experiences have helped me to reach out and touch the lives of kids whom are riding the same topsy-turvy roller coaster of cancer which I experienced only six years ago.

I have stood up against cancer and beaten it to the ground. Without it I would definitely not be the person I am today. Cancer was part of God’s plan for me, and I have used it to develop the priceless quality of dealing with adversity. No matter what life decides to throw at me next I am ready to tackle it head-on and emerge triumphant.


I may or may not have cancer right now.  But either way, I have total peace knowing that God has a purpose for my life.  He will give me the strength to handle anything and be victorious. And as usual, He will use my experience to help other people.  

Whatever you are going through right now, know that you have access to a greater power that can overcome every obstacle and win every battle. You have the ability to access peace in the middle of any storm.

This Christmas, I am going to remember the reason for the season and let my light shine bright. Even when I can’t see 10 steps in front of me, I know God is already there.

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